A support system for Exceptional Student Education serving Clay, Duval, and Nassau Counties of Northeast Florida.


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    Phone: 493-7744
    Fax: 348-2818
    Email: selma.Bacevac@CCHSFL.org
    Website: www.chsfl.org
    Address: 3027 San Diego Road
    Jacksonville, FL 32207
    Population Served: Individuals, families, and groups
    Fees: Medicaid and fees for service on a sliding scale
    Area Served: Duval,Clay, Nassau, and St. Johns counties
    Description: The Outpatient Program provides individual, family and group therapy for children and their families. We serve families from birth to adulthood. We provide specialized treatment to the birth to five years of age population through assessment, child-parent psychotherapy, as well as play therapy. Additionally, we serve children in need of trauma therapy using evidence based Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavior Therapy. We also offer psychiatric services to children and families in need.

    The Comprehensive Adoption Services provide comprehensive care for all children who are in the process of being adopted or who have been adopted.

    The Foster Care Licensing provides information and licenses to perspective families who are interested in becoming foster parents. We license families who are interested in becomming Specialized Therapeutic Foster Parents or Medically Involved Special Needs Foster Parents.

    The Family Life Education Program offers parents an opportunity to come together in a confidential setting to share ideas, problems, and solutions about raising children. Classes are offered for parents of infants, toddlers, school-age children and teens.